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All professional American Quidditch players are allowed to own and wear a championship ring for themselves as a memento all the while having played for said winning team s part of the NQLA symbolizing their team's victory, the same as professional muggle sports players do in muggle America. Some even have their own businesses, both in the American muggle and wizarding worlds respectively. And squibs have even acted as liaisons and representatives to the muggle world for American wizardkind, thus they aren't looked down upon by American wizards and witches.

British, French, Japanese, Australian, etc.

This includes the Mexican and Canadian borders. All American wizarding schools teach muggle courses other than wizarding courses based on an "education standardization. Before every professional Quidditch game in America is played, the Star Spangled Banner is performed on the pitch by a Veela. American wizardkind celebrates federal and national holidays the same as their muggle kin do, that of which includes Martin Luther King, Jr.

Jaguar Witch

And American wizarding schools do not have classes on federal holidays during the time when school is in session, along with Thanksgiving where students can go home and celebrate with their families. MACUSA places very powerful and permanent protective enchantments around every single muggle amusement park in the United States from dark forces both national and international with secret approval from the muggle government.

The enchantments are placed only on amusement parks that are currently in operation and business, and are also maintained when they undergo a temporary renovation. But when an amusement park closes permanently, the enchantments are broken.

All American wizarding schools have zero-tolerance for antagonistic mistreatment from both students and teachers towards other students, ranging from bullying, ostracism, ridicule, bigotry, tormenting, and professional misconduct against said students, and severely punishes those who do so. Expulsion of students and dismissal of teachers will result in those who do not stop their behavior and mistreatment after being warned to stop.

Some American witches and wizards will maliciously denigrate the British wizarding world as a "breeding ground for dark forces" due to British Ministry of Magic's arrogant ignorance of dark forces that lust for power i. Voldemort along with being a "stuck-up and dishonest choke and puke antediluvian, backwater, and primitive Luddite country" because of their notorious dislike of change and inglorious lack of "industrialization" all the while irrefutably holding on to their "twisted and backwards ideals" like a security blanket along with having little to no imagination because their "heads are all stuck so far up their butts, they refuse to even get them out.

After the repealing of Rappaport's Law in , MACUSA became more lenient towards witches and wizards using magic in the muggle world to the point of where it can be used necessarily when muggles do not see magic being performed, along with self-defense and emergencies, including all underage witches and wizards being allowed to take their wands home with them while on break from school, and muggle-borns are allowed to perform magic at home.

Even witches and wizards can perform magic around their muggle spouse s at home as well. Note: All of these miscellaneous American things will be featured in all of my Harry Potter fanfictions, including their crossovers. A list of ideas of what deserves to be featured and part of the Harry Potter Universe, ranging from spells, magical beasts, newspaper names, pop culture, sports, music, etc.

Icelandic Frost. Also know as the "Snowdragon. A bunyip appears as a large black dog with scaly skin, walrus-like teeth, a horse-like tail, and flipper-like feet. They are said to inhabit swamps, billabongs, creeks, riverbeds, and waterholes. A kitsune appears as a fox with snow-white fur, icy-blue eyes and has nine long tails.

A kitsune cub is born with red fur and two tails, but will eventually grow seven more as it matures, until it grows its ninth and final tail, the kitsune is considered an adult. Like the phoenix, a kitsune is also a creature of fire. Other names include "winged unicorn s " and "alicorn s. Its silver feathers shine faintly in the dark, while its purple tail feathers are cold as ice. It is also know as the "papor" to the Russians; other names include the "black phoenix" due to its feathers being as black as coal and the "Russian phoenix.

Said to be a "cousin species" of the sasquatch. They appear the same as the sasquatch, but have slimy greenish black fur.

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It is also known as the "skunk ape" due to the very unpleasant odor it produces. Other names include "swamp ape," "stink ape," "Florida bigfoot," "Louisiana bigfoot," and "Myakka ape. A wendigo appears as a large wolf with the body of a werewolf, the head and antlers of a deer, and sharp boar's teeth that are known to cause fear and pain during harsh winter seasons by stalking their prey. The Algonquins call this the " Curse of the Wendigo ," as proof of a violation in human nature.

Note: All of these beasts will be featured in all of my Harry Potter fanfictions, including their crossovers. Miscellaneous Wizarding Worlds. Note: This is akin to Newt Scamander's suitcase. Some witches and wizards in the ancient times were priests, royal advisors, and court magicians to monarchs i. The British royal family is aware of the existence of the wizarding world via the Prime Minister of the U.

Arithmancy and rune magic combined possess the power to make spells permanent and last forever on particular objects from the use of ritual magic. Every Quidditch pitch at every known wizarding school are enchanted with a very powerful Cushioning and Softening Charm around the whole field that safely cushions Quidditch players whenever they've fallen off their brooms. All Muggle Studies classes in wizarding schools around the world sans Britain are up to date about the muggle world in the late 20th to early 21st Century on how muggles live now compared to the 18th through 19th Century.

There is a wizarding school in Australia called "Austerimus School of Magic" located in the Blue Mountains of Sydney and accepts students from all over Oceania.

Muggle martial arts in the Asian wizarding world was supposedly created by some wizarding tribes in both Tibet and India that dedicated themselves to practicing wandless magic while creating a means of hand-to-hand combat and defenses for their bodies until the practice of countless styles reached and expanded all over the world, both muggle and wizard. And it possesses a secret power that "unlocks" a witch or wizard's potential at wandless and nonverbal magic when they train in whichever style they learn. All Wizengamot seats undergo a "magical lockdown" whenever the current heir of a wizarding family that holds one or more seats is not yet old enough or not ready to hold a political position for the wizarding world.

Witches and wizards are allowed to use magic in the presence of squibs, but only when they aren't around muggles, whether it is a small or large group of them. And a very good portion of British wizarding families "traditionally" teach their children French. All wizarding governments around the world sans Britain offer muggle driver's education classes to witches and wizards who are interested in learning how to drive automobiles in the muggle world.

All the instructors are squibs and are certified teachers of driver's education that are paid by their governments very handsomely. Witches and wizards that earn their driver's license will be able to drive in any country as well. Pumpkin juice is shortened to "PJ" by some witches and wizards, like how orange juice is shortened to "OJ" by some muggles. Renderings of dead magical creatures that are "known wizard killers" offered towards Gringotts Bank are worth at least in the millions or more in galleons including dragots, bezants, etc.

Dwarf: cave, cavern, hill, dark, duergar, mountain, shadow Elf: aquatic, arboreal, dark, desert, gray, forest, half, high, jungle, primitive, shadow, star, tree, wild, wood Gnome: forest, hill, jungle, lost, meadow, mountain, river, vale Human Races, Fictional: Abarimon, Abatwa, Atlantean, Blemmyes, changeling, Cyclops, Lep-. Note: These wand cores will be featured in all of my Harry Potter fanfictions, including their crossovers. Entertainment Weekly ; National Geographic. Painting s. Vongola Style by Ourliazo reviews A series of unrelated stories. If it is necessary, it will not be a large red button labelled "Danger: Do Not Push".

All foreign witches and wizards that wish to apply for American citizenship must go to whichever U. Embassy that is stationed in whichever city in their country of birth and will have to go through similar regulations that muggles do all the while applying for either American or dual citizenship.

French wizardkind from Northern France are all descended from Viking witches and wizards that along with their muggle kin had settled in Normandy during the Middle Ages. Goblins' silver has been given a chemical element name by a wizard that worked in the Goblin Liaison Office, calling it "Lupitium;" symbol: Lp.

Note: Lupitium is derived from the word lupites , which is Latin for "goblin. All wizarding schools teach an extracurricular class called Magical Geography. It is a subject that focuses on the study of magical and mystical locations and populaces that are part of every known wizarding world around the world. The subject is open to Third Year students and up. Basilisks can be killed by the odor of a weasel and looking at their own reflection based on muggle folklore other than the crowing of a rooster. The Hogwarts Board of Governors has every right to dismiss a Hogwarts teacher by signing an Order of Dismissal when they hear students complain about how said teacher is "piss-poor" and deliberately abuses authority and other transgressions, therefore firing them and never letting them teach again for the rest of their lives.

This also includes expulsion of a student as well.

Member: Chandra-of-Red

Every wizarding world has one ambassador for every country who are members of the Department of International Magical Cooperation in their respective countries. Horcruxes are known by a lesser name in the wizarding world called "phylacteries," which is a name muggles commonly use in fantasy fiction and role-playing games. Wandless and nonverbal wordless magic cannot be traced on underage witches and wizards at all because it does not leave a magical signature like how a wand or staff would.

All of wizardkind is supposedly descended from a group of people with magical skills that were Atlanteans who survived and escaped the sinking of Atlantis all the while had settled in ancient Egypt, Greece, and India where they eventually settled down, married and had children that were born with the wizarding gene that they called their "Atlantean legacy," making them the very first known witches and wizards recorded in history.

And she also created another potion called the Sterilus Potion that acts as a "birth control" potion. Dragon teeth are legal tradable materials in the wizarding world used mostly as potion ingredients and other magical medicinal uses. Some African and Middle Eastern witches and wizards that are Quidditch players and fans ululate during a Quidditch match as a sign of support and victory for their home country team s. All wizarding schools around the world allow students in their Second Years through Fifth Years and onward to make school projects for their O. Phoenix ashes possess magic properties other than their tears and are also used as potion ingredients.

Every Goblin Nation around the world is lead by a Chieftain and every goblin "family" is called a clan. All wizarding governments around the world sans Britain have decreed it is illegal to magically "monitor" a witch's or wizard's mail that is being delivered to said person and back, seeing it as an invasion of privacy. All Veela including part-Veela have a "special" magical ability of learning language s via lip contact i. Most British wizarding families give courtesy titles to witches that marry into whichever wizarding family. When said witch is engaged, she is known as "Lady Presumptive" of said wizarding family.

When a wizarding child mostly British that is an orphan has been adopted whether by a muggle or not , both the Quill of Acceptance and Book of Admittance at Hogwarts will magically change said wizarding child's birth surname to their adopted name. This also applies to witches and wizards that are a "seventh-born of a seventh-born" just the same as well. Some British pureblood extremists will thoughtlessly and disrespectfully call muggle-born witches who married a pureblood wizard "mudblood whores.

Note: All of these miscellaneous wizarding world things will be featured in all of my Harry Potter fanfictions, including their crossovers. Wand Cores. A list wand cores in the Potterverse that have not been officially made canon for any characters that are witches and wizards. Aethonan hair. Aethonan hair is a core that is suitable for witches and wizards that are both horseback riders and broom riders. Mostly used in Greece by Greek wandmakers.

Granian hair. Granian hair is a core that works just the same as Aethonan hair for witches and wizards that are both horseback riders and broom riders. Hippocampus scale. Mermaid hair. Mermaid scale. Mostly used in Russia by Russian wandmakers. Note: These wand cores will be featured in all of my Harry Potter fanfictions, including their crossovers.

Wizarding World Books. Books in the wizarding world written to give witches and wizards the interest in the history of sports, holidays, color symbols, and branches of magic all over the world.