The Secret of the Island

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The press book he found on Ebay, where he says it had been languishing without bids from anyone until he came along.

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Over the course of his hunt, he enlisted the aid of the Alamo Drafthouse, where he still works. The theater tracked down three 35 millimeter trailers -- copies of the one I'd watched online.

The trailer Carlson has, which is also the one I'd seen, is obviously less rare than the full English version of the film. But the world does have one fewer. Carlson told me he played one of his three copies so often it finally fell apart.

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"The Secret of the Island"

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Suggest a correction. White rocks, boulders and cliffs combine with translucent blues to magic up the stuff of dreams. Ikaria is famous throughout Greece for its "Panagiria" , traditional feast days that celebrate the Saints and other religious holidays. People come to Ikaria from all over the world to take part in the celebrations and in fact more than thousands of tourists attend the annual feasts, especially in August!

Don't miss the unique opportunity to revel with the Ikarians amidst village surroundings, traditional food, live music, non-stop dancing, and plenty of delicious Ikarian wine. Panagiria typically start in the early afternoon and go on until the next morning! My name is Chrisa and I come from Greece. I expressly accept to receive the newsletter, and agree to itinari privacy policy. Your secret greek island; Ikaria, the island of long life. Chrisa Lepida. Published in May North Aegean.

The Secret of the Island by Jules Verne

Ikaria, the longevity island! With its beautiful coves, rocky cliffs and steep valleys, Ikaria looks similar to a huge number of other Greek islands. High, bare, rocky mountains alternate with green slopes, while flowing streams and beaches offer extreme and magical views! Exotic, romantic, crowded or isolated, the beaches of Ikaria are just unique! Join VIP to remove all ads and videos. Entering Bloodmoon Island, there is blood everywhere and carnage. What secrets do this island hold?

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Information can be found on Black Ring corpses on the island. After entering Bloodmoon Island, go to the place listed in the picture below; it is the entrance to the Archives. You will need at least 20 wits to spot the dirt mound.

The Secret of the Island

Once inside the Archives, you will immediately gain 50,XP. You can also cast Spirit Vision and speak to the spirit of the Archivist here.

Hidden Secrets of Easter Island

No matter what dialogue option you pick, you will gain 14,XP. Search around the Archives for the Archivist's Journal and read it to find out the name of the Ancestor Tree is Eleanessa.

Walk forward and you will find that the wall ahead is actually a hidden door you will need some wits to spot it. Pick up the Unusual Blade here for 50,XP. If you interact with it as a Lizard, you will be able to understand the blade's words. There is also a locked Tenebrium chest here that will sap 1 Source Point from your character with every interaction.

If you loot it, you will find a Green Teleporter Pyramid inside the chest. If you refer to the screenshot below, you will see exactly what orientation the camera needs to be in order to successfully select the chest. Going too close to the tree will cause them to attack. It is recommended to start The Advocate quest and kill them all for massive amounts of XP.

If you haven't killed The Advocate yet, he will not let you speak to the tree, so you will probably have to kill him too.