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Dota 2: Rhasta the Shadow Shaman

All rights reserved. Mass Serpent Ward Summons 8 serpent wards to attack enemy units and structures. The wards are immune to magic, and have a small area of splash damage that increases per level. Upgradable by Aghanim's Scepter. It's important to learn to immediately hotkey them you can double click one ward to select them all so you can manually target the things you want to kill in priority.

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If you want to solo gank, if you're facing invisible enemies, necrobook is what you want. Blogs On the new matchmaking and …. If your lane partner can't benefit from the shackle time ie if he's a caster like you and not a right clicker , then replace one shackle level with a hex level, because at least you can also right click too during a hex. Blink initiating on to a shadow shaman before he can drop his spells is a great way to win a teamfight, and the only thing that will save you is hp or bkb. Note that I included a TP scroll in the item build, this one is important on every hero but it's crucial on Rhasta, your mass disables allow you to punish any dive in your offlanes by TPing then shackling someone under tower fire for instance, or to TP and zap a fleeing, low HP hero. Try to use this spell exclusively to destroy enemy Towers.

The wards can also act as a 3rd disable, if you click on a hero he will be surrounded by the wards. Wards are a great ganking and pushing tool, and can also be used to farm stacked ancient camps. Items :. Skill build:. Best lane friends :. Worst enemies in lane and beyond :. Gameplay and tricks :. Nice cosmetics :. Don't outright dismiss BKB just because you can still be right clicked.. If there's a crap ton of stunners, BKB is a superior item choice for the late game.

Shadow Shaman and Warlock ult buffs · Issue # · OpenAngelArena/oaa · GitHub

If you're getting right clicked by a ton of carries, then get a ghost scepter. If you're fighting morphling, then disable him before he kills you. Don't start Clarities in mid. Realistically, you should always be able to get your bottle before you actually need the mana regen, and having to wait for the clarity regen on low levels is a big liability mid.

You can still get the Bracer later. After 2 ranks, it starts to become questionable in a lot of situations whether you can actually channel that long. The advantage of Shackle is that it's much more mana-efficient, but you should have Arcanes by the time you'd consider rank 3 Shackles, so you want the higher ranks of Hex after that. Likewise, you're often not able to channel Shackle in an offensive position, but can easily do so in a defensive one. Well yeah that's true. You initiate with hex, but when you're not initiating you'll shackle if you're in superiority but hex if you have to flee.

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About shackles, you'll max it first if you face blinkers, as it allows you to kill lthem when you win a teamfight and they try to escape. Shackles levels better, so it's better in small skirmishes. Hex is much better in teamfights, either you use it to brake up channeling or you stay back and use it to get diving heroes. Force staff depends on your role, if one of your allies is the main initiator you won't need it.

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BKB's better than you think, you could argue morphling will just right click you, but he could also ethereal blade you before you can do anything. I think the two hardest factors of rhasta play are when to use your wards if you optimize game flow you should be able to use them to drop a tower, if you keep using them early to save yourself or to gank supports, your team could have coordinated better , and how to handle teamfights. The first instinct of a blink rhasta is to jump in on someone, hex wardtrap cast spells, but you'll often end up dying right after your first volley.

Sometimes you want to disable defensively, and the fight will last long enough you can get off a second or cycle of disables. It's also important to know beforehand who you want to disable first.

click here Yeah, it's not easy to give absolutes in term of how to play Rhasta because you'd basically have to make a giant decision tree. He's a lot less straightforward than most heroes. I get only criticism TT, but I think this guide should be good enough to put anyone on the right track. I know about the bkb, but again you'll have to play Rhasta a lot to be able to decide. I played nearly only Rhasta for a lot of games, and my experience is that bkb will often change nothing, but it's not useless either, as you said vs an ethereal morphling it's a very good idea.

It's the definition of situational, perhaps I should try to build it more often. I'd very be interested with adding the agha vs necro math! And necro specifically allow you to gank without using your ultimate. Imo the forcestaff isn't only for initiation, it'll save your life non stop and you need the INT when you don't have a bottle. What backswing animation are you talking about that I should cancel?

Well the standard backswing that all heroes have. This "finishing" part is useless and can be cancelled by moving basically you right click somewhere then instantly cast your next spell. In Rhasta's case, the "after spell" animation is very long and you waste a lot of time by not cancelling it one full second. To test it, cast hex then right click on a creep. Then cast hex, right click somewhere then right click the creep.

MIRACLE [Shadow Shaman] Immortal Pro Gameplay - Dota 2

You'll see how much time you lose by not cancelling. On September 18 igotmyown wrote: Force staff depends on your role, if one of your allies is the main initiator you won't need it. On September 18 MrCon wrote: I get only criticism TT, but I think this guide should be good enough to put anyone on the right track. Yeah that's a good point. Too lazy to change it tonight, but will do tomorrow for sure! Those are just my builds and sometimes I do things out of habit instead of out of reasoning.

Then he Shackles and lets his team focus down the target. I was trying to do some max tower damage numbers for rhasta awhile ago for max structure damage purposes. Edit: now I remember, refresher orb, not aghanims, was much better. Of course nobody goes refresher on rhasta early because he'd be squishy as all hell. Refresher: gold. Hop, fixed the starting builds.

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Rhasta, the Shadow Shaman, is a ranged intelligence hero mostly played as a pusher and disabler, wielding abilities that make pushing lanes. And so the youngling Rhasta was thrust before the crowds, and the trade-name Shadow Shaman was born. The two continued from town to town, conjuring for.

That's why I say in the guide that you'd better buy a refresher as a 3rd major item or as a 2nd item if you're already more than level Nice guide, I like seeing the love SS has been getting. Too much CC to be ignored. I remember typing "fuck rhasta" a lot of times in WC3 dota. This is a great guide.