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Upon completion, students may embellish their mirrors with decorative elements. Students will constructively critique their mirrors in small groups and complete a written statement reflecting their understanding of folk art and functional art.

Teacher introduces students to Mexican folk art and Mexican mirrors. Teacher gives a brief history of the embossed metal process and introduces students to artists Frieda Kahlo, Diego Rivera and Josefina Aguilar. Students view several artworks by these artists and discuss how their culture is revealed in their art. Students work in small groups and write their responses to the following questions: Why do the traditions of folk art remain important to world art? How does art influence its viewers?

Lesson 1 Teacher introduces new vocabulary and clarifies definitions with students. Students are encouraged to use these art terms as they progress with the lesson. Teacher presents Mexican mirror examples, including teacher sample. Teacher explains radial design and reviews the principles of art. Students receive white drawing paper and circle templates.

The formative assessment for Lesson 1 is an exit slip asking students to match new vocabulary with definitions. Lesson 2 Teacher and students prepare a summative assessment rubric for the lesson. Students review the principles of art and radial design. They again view several Mexican mirrors for inspiration in their personal mirror frame designs. Teacher demonstrates dividing the frame into sections for accurate radial design. Students receive sketch templates and work on their frame designs.

Non-circle templates are available for students preferring a non-circular frame. Students add color to their sketches using colored pencils. The formative assessment for Lesson 2 is a short written reflection showing understanding of balance, variety of shape and pattern in a radial design. Lesson 2 Use a straight edge ort ruler to divide the frame area into sections and draw a radial design with pencil.

Lesson 3 Teacher demonstrates application of color using a variety of drawing media, including colored pencils, markers, liquid metal markers, glitter gel pens and fine line markers. Students are given time to practice with these materials before choosing their coloring materials for their frame designs.

Assessment for Lesson 3 is a partner activity.

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Students critique their frame designs and offer positive suggestions for completing the frames. Frames are displayed while teacher reviews the embossing process and demonstrates embossing on heavy foil. A bold and simple design is recommended. Students use pencils and craft sticks to emboss a design around their foil circles. Foil is placed on a pad of paper to ensure embossing. Marker may be used to add color to the foil design.

Students use studio time to emboss their foil and complete coloring their frames. The frames are cut from the drawing paper after the frame is completed. Teacher demonstrates attaching the foil to the frame with tacky glue and students proceed with this process. A small mirror is glued to the center of the foil to complete the mirror and make it functional.

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Hi Marta, Thanks a lot for the kind words. Edz Nudo Barbosa. Write the word say in the first blank on the activity sheet. Some of the principles of art are incorporated. Hi Tatiana, Thanks a lot for taking the time to commment and for your kind words about the site. Then, using mirror squares, I cut the mirrors to fit the box and attached them to the box with that double-stick, cushioned mirror tape. I wanted to find a way to help them review but not have to writea lot down.

They address the following questions: What have I learned about Mexican art and Mexican folk art mirrors? In my opinion is my mirror successful?

Mirror, Mirror: The Book of Reversible Verse Educator's Guide

Why or why not? What will I do differently the next time I create a Mexican mirror? Did I use a variety of drawing media to complete my mirror? Students complete the summative rubric prepared in Lesson. Level Three Target The Mexican inspired mirror is completed and embellished. The artwork is original. It conveys excellent understanding of radial design and it incorporates all of the principles of art. The song is a perfect way to begin the conversation about making a change in your community and world.

Songs make a great impact on student. Writing , Reading Strategies , Close Reading. Worksheets , Handouts , Printables. Using "Man in the Mirror" Michael Jackson the students will be able to compare song lyrics to poetry. First, they will listen to the song and answer guiding questions.

They will also discuss the theme of the song and connect it to their lives.

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Next, they will listen for a second time and text code. Man in the Mirror Reflection. Students follow along to the lyrics as they listen to "Man in the Mirror" by Michael Jackson. Students reflect on the meaning of the song and apply it to themselves. Teachers are also presented an opportunity to discuss figurative language, grammar, and poetry as well as ample connections to the r.

Writing-Expository , Grammar , School Counseling. Songs , Minilessons , Printables. Man in the Mirror Positive Power Lesson. These lessons are geared towards teaching character education and the importance of positive thinking. These lessons will provide you and your students the opportunity to discuss positive and negative power. They will learn that their thoughts and feelings guide how their day will go as well as how.

To teach students about the impact of our choices as individuals, we analyze "Man in the Mirror" by Michael Jackson. In this resource, I have included a blank lyric page with directions, a lyric page with guided analysis questions, a student response page, and a key. I read the lyrics to them twice. This video was created from a PowerPoint that I made. It shows the lifestyles of people from developed countries versus third world countries - houses, meals, water or lack of water , medical care, sports, games, First discuss d.

Close reading with music is a way to engage your students so they enjoy close reading! Music is a way of letting our emotions out and allowing ourselves to express our feelings. Music speaks to people, it inspires people, and it allows people to express themselves…why not teach with music in our cla. Lesson Plans Individual , Worksheets , Activities. Show 4 included products. The entire resource includes Volume 1 and 2 which includes 72 weeks, 72 songs, 72 question sets with answer keys. Music is a way of letting our emotions out and allow.

Show 8 included products. Save Money and Buy the Bundle! Click here. Music speaks to people, it inspires people, and it allows people to express them.

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In this activity, students test the Law of Reflection based on experimental tiotionewsning.mlr, the back-silvered glass mirrors present a twist. As light travels from air into glass, it changes direction (refracts), reflects off the shiny metal back coating, then changes direction. Mirror Image Lesson Plan. Overview. This 45 minute “unplugged” activity is designed to introduce students to the concept of programming as a series of detailed.

This pack includes all 20 of the "Close Reads Using Lyrics! The songs included will allow students to think deeply using the questions that are based on each song, as well as to further their understanding of how to pic. Writing , Poetry , Close Reading. Worksheets , Activities , Printables. Listening Glyphs Black History Month. Celebrate Black History Month in music class! I am always looking for new ways to help kids connect with the fabulous music of African American composers and performers.

I rarely stick with doing that just during Black History month, but love the extra emphasis that I can give them during this tim. Students will reflect on world problems, and determine ways that they can Be The Change. Students will also self-reflect on character traits they want to display. Once they hav. Reading , Critical Thinking , Reading Strategies. Celebrate the holidays with this bundle. Listening Glyphs for Black History Month.

Are you looking for a fun way to celebrate Black History Month?

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