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The Law of Abundance – learning to receive
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But first we will briefly explain the nature of physical reality. If you have not done so, you might first read our previous book A Perception of Reality. We will touch on the basics of universal law and the Law of Attraction, but in less detail than in our first book.

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This material may seem new to you, but we believe that it will resonate with you at a very deep level. In order for you to understand how to maintain a healthy body or to heal any dis-ease in the body, you will need to have a basic understanding of the mechanism of physical reality. In order to attract wealth into your life you must first understand the concept of deliberate creation.

In order to create the life-giving relationships you so desire, you must first understand basic principles regarding the nature of the universe and the reason for your existence. In order to feel the emotion of love you must first understand that you are loved. Your current set of beliefs is keeping you from receiving the fullest manifestation of everything you desire.

We will alter those beliefs so that you may allow more of what you want to flow to you. The predominance of your thoughts is creating the life you now have. If you love your life, if you have a perfectly healthy body, all the money you desire, and are surrounded with love, then your thoughts are perfectly aligned with your desires. However, if you desire improvement in any of these areas, we will show you how to easily allow the flow of what you really want into your life. You are designed to create the life of your dreams.

This environment was created to support the fulfillment of every one of your desires. You were born with the knowledge of the mechanism of reality.

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You were born knowing how to be happy in order to receive everything you wanted. But, due primarily to the influences of others, you have forgotten how to deliberately create your reality. You forgot how to manifest your desires into your physical reality.

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Ex-Catholic priest Victor Rodrigues writes candidly about how he made the transition from a financially stable priestly life to a competitive world where one has to. You can download and read online Financial Abundance by the Power of Love file PDF Book only if you are registered here. And also you can download or read .

You have come to misunderstand the power of attraction and you have experienced a life that has unfolded without your deliberate intention. Do not worry about the past. Where you stand now is the perfect starting point. You are ready to begin creating your life as you want it to be. We will show you everything you need to know. We will remind you of what you have forgotten. It is easier than you think.

You have the ability to fulfill your dreams. You are meant to live your life the way you want it to be. You are a powerful creator. The past is of absolutely no importance.

50 Quotes on Abundance

The fact that you are holding this book in your hands and have been led to this information means you are ready to start living the life of your dreams. Joshua is a group of nonphysical teachers channeled by Gary Temple Bodley. Their practical teachings provide a greater understanding of the mechanism of physical reality, the Law of Attraction, and how to leverage universal forces to enhance our lives. This book is the next step for those awakened individuals seeking higher levels of consciousness and awareness. You are good.

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Let's start there. Let's end there. Now that we have stated that fact, let's examine why you are still trying to be good and how this causes all of your worst problems.

On the day you were born, you were good. In fact, you were perfect. Have you become less perfect in any way? Certainly not. You are perfect now just as you were perfect then. View Our Privacy Policy.

Spiritual and Financial Abundance

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This One Thing Will Create More Abundance in Your Life Immediately

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Using the Law of Attraction for Joy, Relationships, Money & Success

A simple way to bring that creative energy into your home is through the practice of feng shui. Feng shui is an ancient Chinese art form that is still practiced today to bring about greater health, wealth, and happiness. The practice of feng shui organizes an environment in a way that enhances the flow of life force, or chi. By using feng shui to decorate your home, you allow chi to flow optimally throughout your space to unite the mind, body, and spirit.

Financial abundance, greater health, and more love are just a few of the things you can attract into your life through feng shui. Feng shui has five elements — wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. The wood element represents health, wealth, and prosperity. Green shades, plants, flowers, and wood furniture all bring about greater health, wealth, and prosperity. Fire stands for fame and reputation.

If you want to add more of the fire element into your home, add natural candles, photos of people and animals, and triangular shapes. If you have a fireplace at home and you want more fame and reputation, then start using it more! The earth element is tied to health, center, self-cultivation, love, and marriage. Boost the earth element in your home by incorporating square furniture, terra-cotta planters, and dim the lights.

Metal represents children, creativity, helpful people, and travel. For the metal element, add a metallic bowl to the center of your coffee table or dining table.

What is the Law of Attraction?

It is already here and available to me. When we set the intention for attracting greater financial abundance, usually our mind fills up with doubts and uncertainties on how this can materialize. So take some time to think about it, make a spreadsheet if you need to, come up with a specific number and write it down. You can also do an energy healing session for yourself. This could also be interpreted as positive, personal affirmations.

Use metallic frames for your photos. To boost your career, decorate with paintings of water scenes, soothing crystals, and even a small water fountain. Playing music also boosts the water element, so display your gong, guitar, sound bowl, or piano. Play music on your record player more often. Now he has to CCDP go to the village to transfer the formalities.