Defiant Superpower: The New American Hegemony

Defining America’s Role In A Unipolar World
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Defiant Superpower : The New American Hegemony

In the opening chapter he concludes that empire is not an accurate or useful way to describe the current U. Other nations have become reluctant to tackle difficult foreignpolicy issues, and global terrorism has emerged as a threat. Since the late s, the United States has felt compelled to go it alone, hence Nuechterlein's term "defiant hegemony.

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Donald E. Nuechterlein examines George W. Bush's transformation of American foreign policy and the repercussions for the future. Defiant Superpower recounts . Compre o livro Defiant Superpower: The New American Hegemony na Amazon. confira as ofertas para livros em inglês e importados.

Bush's administration. In an ominous tone, Nuechterlein discusses the consequences of this defiant approach-international, diplomatic, and popular opinions unfavorable to U.

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Foreign Policy, by Sarah E. Sharbach By Soruco, Gonzalo R.

Donald E. Nuechterlein's career has included service in the State Department, the U.

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Information Agency, and the Office of the Secretary of Defense. In he was a founding faculty member of the Federal Executive Institute in Charlottesville, Virginia.

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Both the quantity and quality of Chinese scientific research is improving. Organized Crime in Mexico takes a hard look at the dire implications of the pervasive The tendency to direct resources away from economic development and towards military spendthrift can be very dangerous by making it more challenging for a state to weather major depressions and other economic downswings. American Public Opinion on the Iraq War. National Insecurity. Great Britain, more than any other hegemon, demonstrates the best example of this reality. Regime openness, religion, and other factors also play into the issue of hegemonic ability.

Since then, he has been a lecturer at various universities, including the University of Virginia, Queen s University in Canada, and the University of Kaiserslautern in Germany, and a research scholar at St. Anthony s College, Oxford. He is the author of eight books on American foreign policy and international relations, including "America Recommended: A Superpower Assesses it's Role in a Turbulent World.

He lives in Charlottesville. Potomac Books, Inc.