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You get to decide what is on this page, how it looks and feels. And so the last 8 weeks of our journey to Maine have been similar. After a….

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The water lapped over my toes, it was not necessarily cold, just a tad cooler then the air temperature. Thick forest surrounded us and brightly colored rafts bobbed into the strong current, turned a corner and descended down the first of many rapids. Man, I am so behind on keeping the blog updated with our travel across the U. If you want to keep up in real-time, come find us on Instagram or Facebook! Seven-ish weeks ago, we rolled into Duluth, Minnesota with a few goals and barely any direction except this: explore east along the south shore…. Hi friends!

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Some of the best memories so far, and also some of the hardest days. I am going to be honest… as we left Colorado on our trip eastward, the Great Plains stretched before us, a…. Mesa Verde National Park should be on the quick list of must-do destinations for every family. Located near the Four Corners in southwest Colorado, it sits close to Durango and only 10 minutes from the adorable town of Cortez, CO. Hello friends! Well, we are smack in the middle of a week in Moab.

If you tagged along on our adventures last summer, then you read the post on leaving Oregon, with wildfire evacuations hot on our heels. We passed from Oregon into Idaho and the smoke did…. George has become a beacon of sun and warmth for those looking to escape cold temperatures. For us, it is like a…. If you are into biking, a four-day trip on the White Rim Trail in the Island in the Sky region of Canyonlands National Park should be on your bucket list. And if you have kids, it is more than do-able.

If you arrived at this post without reading our trip report from doing it with…. To bike as much of the mile White Rim Trail as possible with our kids, enjoy backcountry camping in secluded parts of Canyonlands National Park, and have a ton…. If you missed my trip….

I walked up the short flight of stairs and entered the small village at the base of Grand Targhee Resort. One dad carried a passed-out toddler, goggles…. If you are part of our Facebook community, then you know that a few weeks ago, we started our all new Kid Project Tip Series! Since it is super easy to miss things via social media, I will be summarizing and sharing…. We love skiing as a family at Snowbasin and want to share our tips for your visit to the resort. Snowbasin is a huge mountains with a total….

We spent time enjoying ranch life, which includes everything one would expect: cleaning horses, riding horses, feeding horses…. This is a guide to the best South Lake Tahoe Beaches, cost, location and general amenities. A deep sigh escapes my lips. After 4 weeks of travel, I think this might be sigh 17 for me. For many people, a summer road trip through the inspiring desert landscapes of Southern Utah is a life dream.

And I am not here to argue. It should be. Itinerary: The route I chose could be followed in opposite….

Every year, March emerges like a butterfly from a chrysalis, and everyone from Utah and beyond starts dreaming of heading to southern Utah. And for good reason! Southern Utah is like the sweet taste of summer in March-May. Bluebird days in the mids, a unique and wild landscape, and endless opportunity for adventure.

Below are…. And every year the reservation period flies by and soon there are no nights left available. I am a Colorado native, and so I have very dear memories of traveling to the Glenwood Hot Springs Pool from my own childhood.

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It was where I learned to swim around age 2. And where I first experienced a tube slide. So naturally I counted down the weeks till I was able to introduce….

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This includes hikes, popular and not so much, trail…. The sun is nearing the horizon and the sky has lightened to a pale blue. The mountains hold mist in their laps as they wait for the heat of day.

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The Sawtooth Mountain Range lies in central Idaho, not far approx. It is a jagged and rough mountain range, dotted with deep and clear lakes, abundant wildflowers and towering summits. The sun is blazing here in Utah, with no sign of stopping. So naturally we are looking for a way to cool down but remain active. I just looked at our weekly forecast.

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Highs in the upper 90s F and lows in the 70s. Nothing kills my drive to adventure outdoors like heat. However, if I have a cool body of water i. This last…. On the second day of our trip to Capitol Reef National Park, we hit the trail even earlier 9 a. The trail to Cassidy Arch actually begins in Grand Wash. It heads…. Last weekend we visited Capitol Reef National Park for the first time.

Yes, I know. On day number one, we hit the trail around 10 am. During the….

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Without camping reservations. On Memorial Weekend. Just a tad crazy. Last summer we decided to take a full month and relocate to Tahoe Vista, CA. We are a family with three kids ages 5, 7, and 9. We also have a beloved dog,…. Combine everything we love about Lake Tahoe hiking and beaches… and ta da! You have Chimney Beach! Chimney Beach is located approximately It is just south of Sand Harbor State Park.

The sign for Chimney Beach can be tricky to find if you…. A beautiful peninsula jutting out into the crystal blue waters and lined with soft white sands. A true gem for families and adventurers of all ages! One year ago we decided to take a chance. Like when I wished one day to run a half marathon. And then thought it would be fun to do my first triathlon. Or when later I wished I could…. For a full account of our mis-adventures visit….

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Not all adventures start off pretty. This one began with a whimsical dream. We literally decided to leave town for the weekend, jumped in the Xterra, hooked on the camper and were on the road within an hour. It was awesome.