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This book is about the author's experiences of taking the Gospel into places where it is desperately needed yet hardest to find. His hope is that you too will be encouraged to take the Gospel into the ordinary places and be amazed at what God can do. Many people are friendly towards Christianity, but are not convinced of its truth. This book examines the character and claims of Christ, the fact of sin, the meaning of the death of Christ, and what is involved in becoming a Christian.

A Pocketful of Hope : A Book of Devotions for the Family by Mary C. Crowley (...

The story of who wrote the Bible and how the 66 books it contains were brought together. Find out how the battle for the Bible has been fought over the years and how manuscript and archaeological finds have proved the Bible right and its critics wrong. If you suffer from negative thoughts, take heart! Joyce Meyer has helped millions win these all-important battles - and she can help you, too. The story of how Jesus stepped into the life of the son of a Nazi war criminal, and how he dealt with his legacy. Quirky church history on all things you never knew about beards and the religious significance behind them!

Author Debbie L. Johnson

As the story unfolds, the beautiful thread of the Gospel weaves quietly through the contrasting colours of human frailty, religious zeal and social pretension. Life is at once wonderful and appalling. Although we can all give meaning to our lives by trying to live well, is there some given meaning to be discovered? This book grew out of her collection of "kitchen verses", combined with practical tips for those adjusting to loss.

When We Doubt - Daily Devotion

Some of the richest prophecies about the cross of Christ can be found in Isaiah the last of the "Servant Songs". Go through these familiar yet extraordinary chapters with this Lent devotional which contains 47 days of short, stirring reflections. Teenage friends Chloe, Willow, Annie, Rachel, Holly and Amber become absorbed in a diary from the First World War, and discover that the choices they make have consequences, just as they did for fourteen-year-old Grace one hundred years ago.

Family, friendship and faith issues - the Beech Bank Girls face them together in this, their 3rd book. Six teenage friends draw nearer to God and to each other in these fun, moving and honest accounts as they share their laughter, tears, hopes and secrets with each other and us.

The girls learn from some tough issues that they can make a difference right where they are and have lots of fun at the same time! Allow Mary's story of walking with the Holy Spirit inspire and encourage you to do the same, whatever season of life you are in. The Bible is where God reveals his loving character and incredible plan of redemption. In a practical and engaging manner Matt Smethurst presents nine heart postures that will prepare you to unpack all that's awaiting you in God's Word.

In this book, Roger Carswell, asks 34 questions to those who don't believe. They are not the questions usually aired in the media, but they are posed not to cause an argument, but to bring readers to the point where they put their trust in Jesus. This ten-year story of planting Unlimited Church is vulnerable, frank wry, rejoicing and weeping over the highs and lows of following God's call.

Based on Liz's journal entries as she struggles with faith, friendships, motherhood and work-life balance,. Through the stories of fun and tragedy, breakthroughs and setbacks, glorious church and genuine failure, Jane shows us what following Jesus in cross-cultural mission is all about. The Servant Songs of Isaiah are a beautiful topic for a devotional.

Set in the context of Israel's failure, few places in the Old Testament speak so clearly about the merciful Messiah. It s a mysterious stranger shows up at Marlene Robert's home, turning her teenage world upside down. Marlene is compelled to find out who she really is. She may have said 'a little prayer to Jesus,' but Livi Starling really isn't sure she's cut out for the Christian life.

For a start, she can't stop lying. Aged 16, Lydia's world is shaken when she becomes a victim in a hit-and-run car crash. She and her family head out to the Greek island of Samos for a holiday and for Lydia to recuperate; there she meets a Ugandan girl, Nakato, fleeing trauma of her own. Living through war, fear, illness, anxiety, failure, despair.

Ron explains how he has been lifted through them by a Power outside of his limited being. Annie Brown, wrestling with doubts about her faith and a biological clock the size of Big Ben, escapes the stifling kindness of her fellow ordinands and the stifled yelps of her sexuality by writing a raunchy novel. Delightful, funny and life enhancing. These Bible readings are for all who are going through bereavement, as well as those wanting to support others who are bereaved. This latest tale from Wemmicksville will surprise you as Punchinello himself shocks the town with how special he really is.

This new 58th edition contains 25 popular carols suitable for every carol-singing event - in church, in schools, etc. A vital resource for everyone who participates in 40 Days of Community. Includes 40 days of devotional readings based on the "One Anothers" of the Bible. Betty Greene was one of the early women to learn to fly these amazing new machines. After World War 2, Betty helped to set up an organisation that used aircraft to support mission work - she was its first pilot.

Advent is a time for prepariing our hearts for the birth of our Saviour. His deep, melodic and sensitive narration will be widely appreciated by all Bible readers. Completely re indexed to match the Old Testament. During the blackest period of China's history this century, Christian women in church leadership suffered as severely as their male counterparts.

A Pocketful of Hope : A Book of Devotions for the Family by Mary C. Crowley (...

Today such women are still an inspiration. Scripture has brought us light in darkness, strength in weakness, comfort in sadness. Here we focus on the urgent need to continue in, respond to, interpret and expound God's Word. These pages are crammed with a whole host of ideas to encourage, inspire and equip you, your church and community to take a fresh look at the Bible. If you sometimes struggle to understand the way God works in the world, or to explain it to others, you will find light here. You'll also be left with a new appreciation of just how big the God of the Bible really is.

The drama is high and the eternal prize even higher as God weaves His redemptive thread through people in the latter half of the first Christian millennium. This volume follows the slow birth of a new world, Christian Europe. Emily Jane wants fashionable boots for her birthday, but is given some old-fashioned shoes.

She tries them on and discovers an amazing secret! Join Emily Jane on a series of adventures, making friends and some exciting discoveries about God along the way. Acclaimed writer John Flanner is back with the second instalment of his autobiography that takes us from Bitzaro Palace on the Greek shores all the way back to Buckingham Palace on home soil. Welcome to black sheep spirituality - where doubts and questions are an essential part of faith; where difference of opinion is a sign of a secure community; where divine revelation is embraced wherever it is found.

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Billy was the first blind person to hike the beautiful but treacherous Appalachian Trail in the U. Enables individuals to lead others to Jesus. Complements other major courses such as Alpha. Bella Whitman is a freelance health and fitness writer with a tragic history. Through this fast-paced adventure, Bella is able to find healing from past pain and discover emotional and spiritual freedom.

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Maizie Smyth made her choice to spend her life serving God for 24 years under the blue skies of the Congo. She has known His protection and provision in the most unusual ways and often just in the nick of time. In six challenging and encouraging Bible studies, "Bold I Approach" looks at the glories and struggles of Christian prayer - what it is, why we do it, and why we don't do it!

This book contains the best of the traditional offerings along with some fresh choices to make this book ideal for children to browse and enjoy while they are young and to remember and turn to as they grow up. Suitable for Christening or Dedication.

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Shaun Lambert offers an introduction into the universal human capacity for attention and awareness, known in the world of psychology as 'mindfulness. What do you think about your pastor? Do you feel he spends enough time with you? Often we think, "What can my pastor do for me? What would your life look like without fear? These are the questions God put deep inside of us, so we'd go looking for more.

Looking for more is what this book is all about - a massive jump into a boundless ocean of love.

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Take the plunge! This collection of anecdotes, award-winning poetry and true stories will inspire your faith and encourage you in your daily walk with God. Light and easy to read, "A Bouquet of Blessings" may be used for devotions or as a daily reading book.

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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Amy Pike is a freelance writer and speaker who lives in A Pocketful of Hope: Daily Devotions for Girls by [Pike, Amy]. 'A Pocketful of Hope' is packed full of helpful tips for dealing with things like jealous Start reading A Pocketful of Hope: Daily Devotions for Girls on your .

A wonderful, intelligent and searching novel about the toxic nature of secrets, and the possibility of starting again. God's definition of bravery is not limited to freeing a nation like Moses or fighting a giant like David. Using personal examples, Debbie Duncan takes us on a journey that will help us endure the challenges that come our way with our heads held high.

Depression and mental illness can affect anyone at anytime placing a huge strain on relationships especially with those whom you are closest to. Two people from different cultures find undercurrents from their past arise causing John's mental breakdown. Bart Gee was born with a rare physical disability called Arthrogryposis meaning t he has weak muscles and stiff joints. Doctors said he would never walk and may not even have the strength to sit up independently.

This is Bart's story of answered prayer.