Mark Watches ‘Doctor Who’: S03E08 – Human Nature
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Gas masks make you think [or say! You own a ten-foot-long scarf. You often find yourself looking to the corner of your eye. Just in case. You know that tea is the cure for everything. You spell 'Tallulah' with three Ls and an H. You listen to Trock. Converse are for adventuring.

Your favourite planet is not in this solar system [Raxacoricofallapatorius, maybe? You know how to deal with a Sontaran. You watch whoever's making your coffee, in case of Huon particles. You've considered trying fish sticks and custard. Scarecrows frighten you. You would happily carry a hand in a jar in your bag.

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  • Hour 2 - Annoyance.

In jar. In bag. You know that time isn't linear. It's more like a big ball of wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey Your sentences get away from you sometimes. You wear a bio-damper. You sometimes find yourself counting shadows. Cracks in walls alarm you. You have a rash and worry that you have petrifold regression. You stare at mannequins just to be sure.

You would vote Saxon just to say that you did. You're afraid of people with Santa masks. You start your own animated spoof series. You are scared of Christmas trees.

They kill. You know that the Eleventh Doctor may actually be the Sixth Doctor 2. And that that would make the Sixth Doctor the First Doctor 2. The fact that you know that theory is proof enough that you watch too much Doctor Who. You're a proud member of Hermits United. You expect to hear Ood Sigma sing you the song of the Ood in the street as you stagger home. You expect nurses to have a cat's faces. You're cautious of touching even one drop of water.

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Anything plastic is something to keep an eye on. You know who Theta Sigma is. You talk about events in Doctor Who as if they had happened in real life. You saw Gallifrey in the End of Time and, rather than accept it as a cool visual, instead complained about the obscenely low density of the rocks required for it to have anything approaching Earth gravity, which it clearly did since we see humans walking on it's surface without noticing a change.

You say things like "Oh, for Rassilon's sake! You want to wear a long coat.

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You know how to spell Romana's full name off by heart. A 20 year old friend updates her status saying she's going to see her "grandson" instead of her "godson" and you don't bat an eyelid. You don't swear on your mother's grave, you swear on The Doctor's twelve regenerations! You insist the dinosaur extinction was caused by a freighter and not an asteroid.

You want a shirt that says "The angels have the phonebox. You are suspicious of people who repeat what you say. You start to feel jealous of The Doctor's companions. You give up your Saturday nights to sit indoors and watch it. You ask to see peoples teeth before you let them in your room. You have a friend who flirts with absolutely everyone and you find your self saying "Stop it, Jack. Your key holder is a police box. When you hear someone singing "Amazing Grace," you think of Dr.

Every time you hear the word "Exterminate," you perk up. Your friends think "Allons-y! You say you're from Gallifrey and when they ask you where that is, you say, "Somewhere in Ireland. Black holes and anti-matter make you think of Omega. You're coming home late at night and you hear a noise, you automatically assume it's the Homo reptilia about to pull you into the ground. Every time you see a funny crack, you take a picture of it, upload it to Facebook, and go "OMG a crack in my wall!

You've watched enough episodes enough times that if [For some bizarre reason] you woke up on an alien planet from a Doctor Who special, you would know what language to speak, where the hell you were, what was rude and what was not, what was food and what was someone's pet, and where to hitch a ride home [once you got tired of sight-seeing, of course. You haven't eaten beans since you watched The Eleventh Hour.

You run around the house with a toy sonic screwdriver, pretending to open doors and turn on electrical appliances. You've turned fish custard into your regular diet. The crack on your bedroom ceiling suddenly seems really scary. You hum the doctor who tune to yourself everyday! You have dreams that you are The Doctor's assistant, then wake up feeling very disappointed.

You turn your watch so the face is on the bottom of your wrist so you can look at it like the Doctor does: awesomely. When you turn off the lights, you automatically repeat to yourself, "Hey, who turned out the lights? You secretly hope that brides will disappear, just for a chance to see The Doctor. You giggle when you hear people talk about "going to the doctor" or "having a doctor's appointment.

You know the start of how to fix the chameleon circuit: You try hot-wiring the fragment links and superseding the binary You make so many Doctor Who references that your friends [unless they are Doctor Who fans] don't ever know what you're talking about. You dream about Doctor Who almost every night. You really want to learn to speak Gallifreyan. You really want to visit Raxacoricofallapatorius just because of its hench name! You can memorize the words to whole scenes at a time. When someone is telling you about their past, you stop them, smile, and say "Spoilers!

You can actually say Raxacoricofallapatorius. When [if] people ask you what type of Doctor you want to be, you answer "A Time Lord!

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People with dexacardia [Heart on the wrong side of the body] are possibly Time Lords Every time you see the name John Smith, you get suspicious. You know that the face of Boe is Captain Jack Harkness. You could have sworn you had two heart beats when you feel your chest. You know that it's NOT the brakes, it's the relative dimensional stabilizer in [de]materialization phase. At your wedding the priest says "'Til death do you part.

You know that Satan is real, he's just trapped forever in a black hole.

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Incroyable avec quel raffinement mais surtout acharnement tu manies le sens de l'hyperbole. I'm quite frankly bored with it. You have to bite your lip extremely hard when you teacher asks "What is time? Throughout the 60s, the boom years for steel towns throughout the region, there were lots of movies aimed at the family audience. My explanation is that we're seeing various retellings of a mythical story and sometimes the details get a bit fuzzy.

Your four year old takes a crayon and decides its the Doctor's sonic screwdriver and pretends to lock all the doors in the house. You know the real meaning of Mister Saxon. You pick up a regular screwdriver and ask where the 'on' switch is. You know all the answers to the Weakest Link questions in Bad Wolf. You start wearing Doctor-related items of clothing on a daily basis.

Hour 1 - Anticipation

You can't help but say the word "fantastic" in Christopher Eccleston's voice. You spend a significant amount of time watching Doctor Who fanvids.